October 17, 2008

Name: Victoria Vinkle

Known for: Nothing.. 

Interests: Shopping, Hanging with friends and partying

Favourite Music: Pop, R&B and some Rap

Favourite Shops: Stitches, Urban Planet and Wal-Mart

Favourite Shows: King Of Queens, Friends and The Hills

I have fun by hanging with my boyfriend and friends. I also love to party and go shopping. That is mainly how i have fun.

What i am doing when i feel good about myself is hanging with people that make me feel good. like my sis, Cassandra and my BF, Murray. Another thing is when i am having a good day and loven life and im happy.

I enjoy spending time with my friends and bf and sis because they are all so very funny and they make my life worth living.

Yes freedom is very important. There are alot of things that i believe in and they mostly have to do with freedom. If ya dont got freedom in your life than whats the point of living cause you cant do the things that you dream of doing or whatever and you cant do what you want so it would really really suck.

At my happiest is enjoying a cold beer or laughing with my friends. Also another one is hanging with Murray. I would be happy at those times because these people make me laugh and i have good times with them.

If i won a MILLION dollars i would go on a major shopping spree and than buy a truck.


Hello world!

October 14, 2008

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